Frequently Asked Questions

Floating Moon & Lamp

How do they float?

Our patented technology uses Magnetic Levitation. Using the force of two opposing magnets to suspend the object in the air, counteracting the effects of gravity.

Can they float without being connected to power?

In order for the levitation technology to be active the power cord must be plugged in and connected to electricity. In the case of the power being disconnected before the floating item is removed, it will automatically stick back to the opposite magnet to avoid breakage.

I’m having trouble setting it up or the item keeps sticking to the base?

Firstly ensure that the power is connected as the magnetic levitation will not be activated without it. We have an instructional video that you can view here. Remember that it takes practice and patience!

Do they use much power?

Using LED lights our products are extremely economical. Using significantly less power compared to traditional lamps.

I accidentally broke the bulb from the Floating Lamp, can I purchase a replacement?

Please contact our support team here so that we can organise a replacement for you, the bulb can be purchased separately to avoid purchasing a new entire unit.

Will the Floating Moon or Floating Lamp Bulb break if it falls down?

The Floating Moon has been designed with reinforcements within the mechanisms to ensure it does not break when dropped from a few centimetres above the base. They are not built to sustain drops/ falls from any longer distances. The Floating Lamp Bulb can also sustain very small drops however this product is much more delicate and should be handled with care. Please note: All Aysu Float products have be designed land back on their bases in the case power-outages/ knocks/ bumps etc.


Information about shipping delays due to Covid-19

All shipping times quoted on our website are estimations provided to us by our couriers. While we endeavour to ensure you receive your order in a timely manner, shipping times are dependent on the courier and outside influencing factors. (Eg: Floods, fire, public holidays may cause delays). Once your order has left our warehouse and a tracking number has been received, please refer to the relevant courier for all update requests.

I have placed my order but haven’t gotten my tracking number yet. How long should this take?

Please allow for 1-2 business days for your order to be processed within our warehouse and for a tracking number to be generated. Please also check your junk/spam folders as tracking numbers are sent to your email via an automatic notification.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently experiencing processing delays due to a large influx of orders. It may take additional time for you to receive your tracking number. We thank you for your patience. 

I received my tracking number but there are no updates?

After your order has been received, it is processed in our warehouse where we generate a tracking number with the courier company. The tracking number will only be updated once it has been scanned in by the courier. This can sometimes take 1-2 business days.

I have not received my order yet?

In the case that you have not received your order, please refer to the tracking number provided to you via email to check for any updates. We recommend contacting the relevant courier with your tracking number to get an accurate update. Please note once you have received an update via the tracking number, the parcel has left our warehouse and is in the hands of the courier. Please contact us at: if issues persist.

I entered the wrong details on my order, how do I change it? 

In the case that you have incorrectly entered your address, please contact our customer service team at: as soon as possible. If not notified as soon as possible it may unfortunately be too late to change the address. While we will do our best to ensure your order reaches you, we do not offer a refund on items sent to the incorrect address if you have not attempted to notify us. Any return to sender or re sending fees will be incurred at the customers expense.

What countries do you ship too?  

We currently offer free international shipping to most countries! Unfortunately we do not offer shipping to the following countries: 

  • Argentina 
  • Cambodia 
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Kazakstan 
  • Israel 
  • Kuwait 
  • Hawaii 

If you live in one of these countries and wish to order from us, please contact our support team and we will do our best to organise a solution for you.