Floating Moon Lamp

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Bring space down to earth by incorporating the element of levitation into your home decor.

With cutting-edge, patented technology, the Floating Moon Lamp gently rotates whilst mesmerisingly floating 2cm above the base.

The three carefully selected, tranquil light settings create calming and peaceful atmospheres whilst being powered through the air using magnetic induction. 

Our sophisticated design is simple and adaptable to suit most existing home decor styles, with a classic white base to seamlessly tie into any colour scheme.

The Aysu Floating Moon Lamp is small and compact making it the perfect addition to usually crowded surfaces like office desks, coffee tables or kitchen benches. 


Perfect for gifts

Promotes focus and productivity

Creates calming and peaceful atmospheres

Economical, low power consumption

Quick and Easy Setup

Setting up your Floating Moon Lamp is a one off, quick and easy process. With our functional design, there’s no need to set it up every time you want to turn it on. The moon can be left levitating around the clock, simply turn the lights on/off with the touch sensitive power button as you please.


Perfect for the bedroom

The ideal bedside table lamp or night light, creating a peaceful and calming atmosphere to help you wind down and relax before bed. Our three convenient light settings let you control your evening ambience.

A floating moon lamp sitting on a bedside table
The Office

Enhance your productivity and concentration. The gentle spinning feature and light settings are the perfect addition to work offices and home study areas, promoting deep focus and clarity.

A levitating moon lamp in a home office setting

The Living Room

Add a touch of mood to the room when watching some of your favourite movies.

A levitating moon lamp used next to a TV playing netflix

Economical and Safe

Our environment is important to us, so we have made sure that our floating moon lamp is economical and consumes very little power. Our LED lights built into the moon consume significantly less electricity than other conventional lights.

A floating moon lamp with a marble background


The Aysu Floating Moon Lamp can be used in any room of the home or office. Whether it is used as a tool for improving meditation, a gentle nightlight in the children's room or a centrepiece of a coffee table, the possibilities are endless.

Levitating moon lamp used in home decor setting
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